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Design Work 04

Food Safety CoE in WA


Create corporate branding for the Washington Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence to serve as a resource hub for their public health partners.  Develop and Design up-to-date and intuitive visual systems, educational, and promotional design work consistently.


This organization provides evidence-based training and resources to public health experts in Washington state and 7 other states. In order to highlight its headquarter and major activity, I used Washington state as a logo symbol and combined it with a magnifier shape to give a modern and minimal look and feel.

Within the branding guideline that I designed, all training and marketing materials have consistent and memorable stand out across other states' Food Safety Center of Excellence centers in the United States.

Branding Guideline

Printable & Interactive Toolkit

Norovirus Toolkit - Thumbnail

Webinar Design

Webinar Design - Thumbnail

For more visual details about this webinar design, please click the 'VIEW' button and open the slide file on its offical website.

Letterhead Template

WA CoE - Letterhead Template

Website Design

WA CoE Website Showcase

To view the live official website about this project's branding and web layout, please click the 'VIEW' button.

WA-CoE-Footer Image
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