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Design Work 03

COVID-19 Info Navigator


Create training materials for non-English or limited English speakers to provide tools and strategies for identifying and communicating important COVID-19 and other health information. The training materials include email & web promotion, introductive video, illustration, web layout, and visual assets for the web.


The “COVID-19 Information Navigator”  includes specific tips and resources for finding and sharing up-to-date and accurate COVID-19 information, and taking action by advocating for COVID safety in your community. Since the targeted audience is diverse in a multilingual community with different lingual, cultural and educational backgrounds, I developed the course visuals and content considering web accessibility, readability, as well as learners' perspectives. Afterward, having a pilot testing on this training before launch made the course contents and visuals most suitable for the audience.

COVID-19 Info Navigator — Intro Video Outline


COVID-19 Info Navigator — Intro Video Outline


COVID-19 Info Navigator — Intro Video

This live training module including video is available to view via PH LearnLink by Northwest Center for Public Health Practice. Please click the 'VIEW' button above to learn more.

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