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Design Work 05

Smart Mentoring


Create a brand to meet a client's need which delivers an intuitive evidence-based clinical care toolkit, guidelines, and tools to patients. Design and develop a bespoke visual system through four deliverables: infographic poster, website, visual assets for web, and e-book and printable toolkit.


The “ePROs in Clinical Care” organization provides a toolkit in online and print form for health system stakeholders who are considering initiating or expanding ePROs for care delivery across the health system. I took the design lead of this project working closely with the client team and internal training team.

Reporting Design Framework_Slide_Onscreen.jpg

ePROs in Clinical Care — Print Toolkit


ePROs in Clinical Care — Flyer (Postcard)

ePROs - Postcard Mockup.jpg

ePROs in Clinical Care — Online Toolkit

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